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Add a paddle to it - packing for bikerafting adventures

  How does this all work? The packraft The essence of the ultra-light boat, which is big enough to fit a bike with the wheels removed. If you want to get one, look for packraft. It is important that the material is TPU nylon and not PVC. Their weight does not really exceed 3 kg. Packrafts have an air chamber. […]

Albanian Alps

I think I have become addicted to Albania. This is my third time cycling and paddling here and I can't get enough of it. The diversity of the landscape, the hospitality, the many contingencies, the simplicity, the exotic make this country familiar to foreigners, even homey. Okay, this is a personal opinion, but anyone who is even a little fan of Transylvania or Georgia will understand very quickly what I'm talking about. Slowly natural, [...]