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Packing Howto - subjective but useful

When you go on a multi-day hike with a bike, you must carefully consider what you absolutely need. I always do things related to bicaj in the first place, because it is independent of the season and the terrain. The most important are the combined tool set, puncture repair set, combined pump, spare outer and inner, eyelet for the chain, brake pads, if there is a spare shifter, [...]

From Mestia to Ushguli (Caucasus Mountains)

If you travel to Georgia, you will probably visit Svaneti, one of the most unique regions of the Caucasus. Whether you're driving a marshutka or a rented off-road vehicle, you're sure to get lost in Mestia. This is the capital of the region, the modern city center lined with ancient towers, with a spacious main square, more and better accommodation and restaurants. An excellent starting point if we were to organize star tours in the area. If we don't move from here for a week, guaranteed […]