If you travel to Georgia, you will probably visit Svaneti, one of the most unique regions of the Caucasus. Whether you travel by marshutka or a rented SUV, you will definitely miss Mestia. This is the capital of the region, the modern city center lined with ancient towers, with a spacious main square, more and better accommodation and restaurants. An excellent starting point if we were to organize star tours in the area. If we don't leave here for a week, we're guaranteed not to be bored even then. From here we find Ushguli, the ancient city, which we cannot even imagine with a European head until we see it and wander through its streets. The road is quite bad, it is not even recommended for private cars, but it is usually listed as a prohibited road in the rental contract of all-terrain vehicles. It doesn't hurt to pay attention to this, because we will lose the deposit if it turns out that we used it on such roads. Not only for this reason, but it is much more comfortable to cover this roughly 40 kilometer distance by bicycle. The large selection of transmissions is important, but e.g. it can be performed relatively comfortably even without a telescope. If we leave on time in the morning, the round trip can fit into a day full of sightseeing and photography.After Mestia, we start immediately with a hearty climb, this roughly means a level of 600m, but fortunately on excellent quality asphalt. The asphalt strip ends right at the top of the pass (1900m), from here it drops us back a good 500m. The rest of the road does not have an elevator, it rises continuously, but it is bearable. We are moving upwards in the valley of the Enguri river.The landscape is beautiful, we can see four thousand peaks on the left, and on one side and on the other the wild Enguri. On the hilltops XI-XIII. century small 3-nave churches. Finally, the first towered gates of Ushguli (2400m) emerge, with the snowy peak of Shkhara in the background. A majestic sight. Allow at least 4-5 hours for the trip there.Expect to be very tired by the time we arrive, but we will be compensated by the freshly baked sheep's cheese pie and beer, which we can drink right at the beginning of the village. I admit that I counted the beer at the expense of sightseeing. All the more so because a fellow athlete, who, as it turned out, came from Vienna, was a musical artist, a true vagabond university student. We visited the lower village together and visited Queen Tamar's tower. He made Georgia really great, which was the first Christian state after Armenia. The Queen has a huge cult following. I should note here that the Georgian name was adopted from a Russian mockery, the locals use the name Sakartvelo for Georgia, although the official name is Georgia. We can find several museums in the village, one in a higher tower, furnished on several levels, lots of old Christian relics, musical instruments, objects, weapons everywhere. They are very careful not to take photos. In many places in the village, we can see constructions and renovations, a couple of things that would certainly not be allowed on a world heritage site. Because the whole village is part of the world heritage, it is so unique. The other museum can be found in the upper part of the village, it is more ethnographic. A residential tower is also furnished here, but mostly authentically. We learn that the Svans lived together with their animals, the mangers were arranged in a circle along the wall, the household slept on top of them, and in the middle of the residential tower was the open fireplace, without a chimney. They typically keep sheep and cows. The cows are much smaller and leaner than we are used to, but at least the road is full of them. They don't have heart problems, they don't jump in front of cars, but they can be very frightened by bicycles, so try to sneak past them carefully. Not only because of our own physical health, but we wouldn't mind if someone was injured during the great escape. You don't have to be surprised if they get cold in the middle of a tunnel, so it doesn't hurt to turn on the light. If time allows, we can also visit the glacier at the foot of Shkhara. This is a moderately rolling road, not a good one, and steep. By all means, reserve energy for the return trip, and also prepare for the fact that we are on a high mountain, if the temperature is above 30 degrees during the day, it will cool down to 20 degrees in the evening. half way up you can see the Latpari pass on the left, you can easily recognize its entrance from the transmission lines. The descent continues all the way to the pass in front of Mestia. This will give up the lesson, because suddenly we have to do a five hundred and the road is quite bad. I had a breakdown right at the top, when it got dark. It is typical that a police pickup stopped, when they saw that something was wrong, they immediately offered to take me to Mestia. I explained to them, in broken Russian, that the bottom line was coming right now, so they should leave it hanging. Fast patching, the road descends all the way from here, you can bravely roar on it, often at the same pace as the cars. 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